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Transformational technologies change competitive positions. There are countless examples of companies that have declined or disappeared completely because they failed to embrace new technology.

Access to accurate, real time, independently generated spatial data can really change the operational efficiencies of conventional practice as well as provide a new level of environmental and social transparency for your business and its stakeholders.

We specialise in assessing how space based mapping and associated satellite technologies such as Global Positioning and the use of Global Information Systems can be integrated into business operations to underpin strategic objectives.

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Fear of changes in climate induced by human activity has triggered a whole raft of global and national policies, from caps on emission and project based activities to increase energy efficiency to incentives that have lead to an unprecedented expansion in new forms of renewable energy.  These policies have not only influenced client relationships, but also introduced new demands reflecting the increased expectations of the wider stakeholder community who are impacted by an organisation's activities, products or services.

We have experience of both mandatory compliance policies to reduce or monitor emissions as well as expectations of the wider stakeholder community and associated voluntary action towards greater environmental sustainability.

We help identify, quantify and evaluate the strategic impacts of these policies and trends on your business and its operational sustainability.

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