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Zurich Insurance Company
Emissions trading and Insurable risk
Undertook a market survey across key industrial sectors to assess the impact of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme on production costs and profits and therefore insurable risk. Developed a series of sector risk insights, identified opportunities for property/liability insurance and the potential impact on insurer liabilities and loss adjustment.

Liabilities associated with over issuance CERs by
Designated Operational Entities (DOE’s)
Review of the insurability of liabilities accruing to DOE's in the event of their being significant deficiencies in the validation, verification or certification of project activities under the CDM. http://http://cdm.unfccc.int/calendar/event/12/2Q12-05_Significant_Deficiencies_Workshop.pdf)

Reckitt Benckiser
CSR Benchmarking

Benchmark assessment of 19 multinationals CSR programmes, strategies and targets to support internal CSR strategies

CarbonNeutral Company
Assessment of the quality of offsets from 2 wind farm projects
Assessment of carbon, environmental and social impacts of two wind farm projects.

Major international beverage company
A strategic review of impacts of climate change policy

With Greenstone Carbon Management, undertook a strategic review of both mandatory and non regulated climate change policies and associated market mechanisms. Developed a set of recommendations to meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Australian forestry company
Advisory services for AIM listing

With EnviroMarket Ltd, provided inputs on the risks and opportunities arising from national and international policies linked to the Kyoto Protocol. This included EU ETS, CDM, Australian carbon compliance markets and the voluntary carbon offset market.

Climate Change Capital
Marketing analysis for CDM credits

Detailed analysis of the potential demand across the voluntary sector and identity of buyers of credit streams from pre registration CDM projects.

CarbonNeutral Company -
Three separate assignments
• Trading portfolio risk management review 
• Review of the potential benefits of a range of voluntary carbon standards in mitigating operational risk linked to sub standard offsets
• Development of a due diligence process for project selection and purchase of Voluntary Emission Reductions.