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European Space Agency
Analysis of market opportunity for satellite mapping in insurance sector

Review of potential applications, barriers and opportunities for Earth Observation (EO) within the insurance sector. (Partners - Aon Risk Consulting and Esys Consulting)

European Space Agency
Market opportunity for Earth Observation (EO) in supporting Corporate Social Responsibility
strategies and goals
Management of a three year project for Aon Risk Consulting,  identifying the potential for remote sensing services in sustainable forestry management. The project included a market survey to identify the EO service opportunities and barriers, selection of  prototype applications, their demonstration and evaluation. (Partners – Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),  sarmap s.a,  Ambiental)

European Space Agency
Timber Volume Estimation in Forestry Plantations from Earth Observation Data

Develop and demonstrate a transparent, comprehensive and cost effective method of timber volume estimation linked to recognised forestry models using EO products derived from space borne interferometric SAR L-band data. (Partners - York Timbers (RSA) and sarmap s.a.)

European Space Agency
Demonstration of EO services in the sustainable forestry sector

Design,  implementation and validation of large scale satellite mapping services (Russia, South Africa and Sweden) to allow evaluation of the utility and the benefits in improved reliability of forest management certification.  (Partners – Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), sarmap s.a., Denis Alder Associates and Metria) 

Can satellite data confirm compliance on forest regeneration by identifying the location and extent of seed trees, left within clear fells in boreal natural forests? 
The image shows clearcuts in the boreal in ORANGE and seed trees can be seen within the clearcuts in GREEN specs.

Image courtesy sarmap s.a., generated from Cosmo-SkyMed-1/-2 StripMap InSAR data.  Resolution 4m